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My House. What Were They Thinking? Bathroom Edition.

First off, welcome to the new folks who have traveled over from Thistlewood Farm!

KariAnne, mistress of Thistlewood, very kindly featured my rolling pin bookends last Friday.  If any of you are ever featured on Thistlewood Farm I have the following advice:

Beware the Power of the The Farm.
If you are on the West Coast and you are lucky enough to be featured in Thistlekeeping please follow this advice.
Do not go to bed and leave your ipad on your bedside table if it is set to “ding” when new emails and notifications arrive.
If you do not heed this advice you will be awakened at 5AM by incessant dinging noises.  In your groggy state you will try to turn off your alarm clock but will fail because it is not, in fact, your alarm clock.  It is your previously very, very quiet ipad merrily telling you that more people have visited and subscribed to your blog between the hours of 5AM and 6AM than have ever visited or subscribed to your blog in the history of your blog.
While this will provide a glorious start to your day you will need to schedule some serious nap-time later.

Also, thanks to all of you for your kind words (and patience) about my erratic blogging style.  I truly appreciated it!

OK, on to today’s topic.

The time has come to attack the last untouched room in my house.

To back up.

After watching waaaay too much HGTV I, years ago, bought a true fixer-upper.

To my dismay I have discovered that home transformations take more than a half an hour and the costs shown on TV seem to have nothing to do with the the real world.  While the people on TV transform entire landscapes for a few pennies and some really fun looking labor I can’t seem to get the smallest thing done without an opening bid of $3,000.

Bottom line: Progress has been a bit slow.

I’ve painted and shored up.  Major work has been done on the kitchen and main bathroom

Bathroom Before and After Cheltenham Road Kitchen Before and AfterAnd now only one room remains untouched.

The dreaded guest bathroom.

My house was remodeled at some point in its past and I can’t tell if this bathroom was original.  In any case, it was clearly designed exclusively for Keebler Elves.

Depressed Keebler Elves.

It’s tiny, drab and poorly done.

The Elf Bathroom is between the front bedroom (my office) and the recently redone Laundry Room of a Million Doors

Here is the view looking from my office to the EB. Welcome

Just open that door a little more and……..It's Another Door


That’s two (TWO!) doors in about four feet!

To your left we have a sink the style of which is seldom seen outside the worlds finest gas station restrooms.Worlds Dumbest BathroomTo your right (behind the door!) is a shower with the iffiest tile work I’ve ever seen!  It’s almost sculptural in its unevenness.  Almost.Stunning Tile Job - Worlds Dumbest BathroomAnd capping (or bottoming) it all off is this festive floor covering!Ugly Flooring in Worlds Dumbest BathroomIt looks like confetti from the world’s saddest ticker-tape parade.

I wish I could say I had adjusted these photos to make it look draber (more drab?  drabbier?) but I have not.

For reasons that I think don’t need explaining I’ve basically been using it as a closet.

But the time has come!  I’ve been saving money and my sisters have promised to visit in the fall.

Demo begins in just a few hours…and shortly after that  plan will form (yeah, that’s not the right way to do things I know but we have to see what’s behind the walls and under the floor before we can get specific).

Wish me luck!  I’ll keep you posted!





10 thoughts on “My House. What Were They Thinking? Bathroom Edition.”

  1. Where does the second door go? Any chance of removing it? Anyway – get rid of the shower if you can; otherwise put in a whole new one – maybe fiberglass? New sink, new floor, new mirror and you’re done! Oh wait a minute that’s a whole new room!

  2. Oh trust me – everything’s getting replaced – just have to work out the details (re-plumbing etc).
    The second door leads to the laundry room. I’d like to remove it but it would seriously mess up the flow of the house (and my flow when need to go from my office to the garage which happens about a million times a day).
    Wouldn’t a pocket door be cool!?

  3. Funny…I seem to have missed that bathroom on the “home tour”. Now I see why but after seeing your other bathroom and kitchen and office and …well you get the point. It will be amazing and your telling of the journey will be hilarious.

  4. Geez . . . this’ll be a tricky one. Any way to maybe combine the bath and laundry into one larger, better utilized area? Hope you can do this soon . . . because it’ll be torture waiting to see what ya come up with 🙂

  5. Maybe you can invent the world’s first Murphy toilet: when you don’t need to use it, it collapses into the wall…(you can see why I’m absolutely no help when it comes to “getting serious” with renovations).

    Congrats on the new subscribers–you definitely deserve a wider audience, what with your great humor, your amazing creativity, and your all-around general good-guy-ness!

  6. Love what you’ve done with the kitchen and the RP (real people) bathroom, David! Those dueling doors… I wouldn’t hesitate to wall off one of them–it gives you space for storage or shelves. As far as the shower goes, if you’re re-tiling anyway, consider a tiled bench coming out from the shower wall–it’s a great place to put the shampoo and shower gel (I think all guest bathrooms should have shower gel, not soap…and then you can lose the soap indent!). The girls will love the bench for shaving their legs and putting out all their other shower gear!

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