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How to Build a Hanging Display Wall for Craft Shows

Easy Hanging Wall for Craft Show DisplayThere is probably a 12 step program for people who keep making and remaking ways to display the same thing.  And I should find it and join it.

So, as you may recall, last week was the big Abbott Kinney Festival.

Everything went perfectly in keeping with the standard Cheltenham Road Playbook.Cheltenham Road ChecklistThat last one is the one I want to share.

I had previously built this portable wall for Unique LA.  You can see the original tutorial here.Easy To Build Wall Display for Craft ShowIt is 8’ long by 6’ high and it works beautifully.  But it takes a bit to set up and take down and with Abbott Kinney I only had a couple of hours to unload, repark and set up.  And tear down was going to be after nightfall.

So I needed something that was quicker.

I took three of the slats from the original wall (they are inexpensive furring strips from Home Depot) and linked them together with scrap wood and screws creating a 16” high by 8’ long “mini-wall.”Assemble simple Hanging Display WallI added a large hook and eye assembly to the topPortable Craft Show Display Wall and BAM – instant hanging wall.Tutorial for Easy Craft Show Display Hanging Wall Cheltenham Road

 (these pics are not from my actual booth and I apologize for the funky lighting)

 I made two of them – one for the small signs  and one for the large.Hanging Display Wall for Craft Shows

It was perfect because it was up and out of the way but still highly visible and it worked like a dream because all I had to do was stick it up there and I was done!

And then I had another idea!

What if I wanted more of a wall?  Maybe to cover the back of the booth and provide more room for hanging?

So I just added another two sets of hook and eye hardware and linked them together.S Hooks to connect Craft Show Display WallCraft Show Display Hanging Wall Cheltenham Road

 Allow me to present my card:wylie e coyote business card


I think I may make a few more of these – that way I can choose exactly how much “wall” I want for each show (of course, I’m playing by Cheltenham Road rules so I won’t actually make the extra ones until the night before my next show).


30 thoughts on “How to Build a Hanging Display Wall for Craft Shows”

  1. When you find this group, if you could let me know, that would be great. I am
    constantly revising my displays and it’s always just before the show I’m doing. The first step is admitting you have a problem! 🙂

  2. Ah, this is fantastic! I’m considering doing some shows soon and was totally brainstorming how in the hell to display wall hanging pieces! Thanks for this 😀

  3. Nice job on your redesign! But you didn’t say how the show went. Did people have the audacity to mess up your beautiful displays by actually buying things?

  4. Ha! I am re-doing my craft displays for a show in two weeks. Good to know I still have time to actually go buy the supplies to build it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi! It’s Tracy, she of the vintage-photo canvases. So nice to meet you at Mindfulnest the other day. As promised, this is a very useful tutorial, but even more enlightening is your Pre-Show Checklist. I’m not alone in causing myself a completely self-invented, sleep-deprived heart attack before every show! Plus props for the Wile E. Coyote reference. #win

  6. Great display. I do something similiar, I have a section of lattice that I framed and hang from my tent. It’s about 2′ x 8′ and I hang it horizontally most times, across the back. Sometimes I set it vertically on the ground in the corner and bungee cord it at the top of the tent rigging. It has screws placed randomly all over so that I can hang different sized signs. It works well because the lattice is light, I’m not sure how much weight those inner frames can hold?

  7. If I’m not mistaken, I believe the title on your card actually reads, “Super Genius”, pronounced “Sooooooper Geeeenius.”

  8. This is just what I needed. My daughter and I make plaques using pyrography. We are branching out to a gift shop but they use keyboard hooks which won’t work with the plaques. This will allow us to use screws to hang them using the keyhole slot in the back. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sandi. Your modification looks awesome! as do the scarves. I’m glad the show was a success! We must think alike as your version is similar to my recent re-examination of the design (necessitated due to the fact that I kept hitting my head on the original because, well, that’s what I do).

  9. This might save me!

    I’m doing a show in 3 weeks indoors and I have no idea how to built walls and such… nor do i have time with the holidays.

    You’re hanging these walls right from the tent frame? How much weight do you think it would actually support? If I wanted to do this on 2 sides do you think it would work? I already have a similar modular “wall” built from pallet wood. I usually set up an A Frame in my tent made of Gas pipe to support it but indoors it just won’t work….

    1. Hi. Yes, the walls are hung from the tent frame using “S” hooks (I’ve also, in a pinch, just attached them with zip-ties). They hold a fair amount of weight as the signs I display are made of solid plywood. And yes, I think using both sides would be a terrific idea.
      I hope that helps but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck with the show!

  10. My husband and I are attempting this project today. I’ve never done markets or shows on my own and want to start in 2016 mixing vintage with handmade. Thanks so much for the idea! Stay tuned…

    1. Thanks Kye. I’m sorry that isn’t clear in the post. I just use another set of the hook and eye screws and hangers like I used to connect the two sections. An eye screw on each corner of the top rail and then another S hook to latch it onto the struts of the tent.
      That makes the “wall” hang pretty high – like it does in the pictures – but sometimes, when I want it to hang a bit lower (or just want more flexibility with where it hangs) I just string some strong wire or zip ties through the eye holes and then attach those to the tent struts. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Donna. I used the same combo of eye screws and S hooks (you can kinda see it in that last picture). I’ve also found, when I want them to hang a bit lower, that zip ties are a great option. Hope that helps.

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