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Easy Personalized Binder Clips – Get Organized!

Fun Easy Decorative Binder ClipsI was going to subtitle this post “Did I really spend part of my day taking pictures of binder clips?  And is that actually part of my job now!?” and file it under “directions I never imagined my life would go.”

Which is not, in any way, meant as a complaint.  I just continue to be amazed.Color Coordinated Binder Clips

Anyway, my friend Sarah likes to be organized.  Super organized (she and Phebe would get along famously) and a while ago she asked me if I would make her some color coordinated, decorative binder clips.  She wanted a way to easily identify the stacks of paper on her desk.    Seemed like a good idea so I gave it a shot.Easy DIY Decorative Binder Clips

I hadn’t shared these before because, honestly, I wanted to see if they held up to day in/day out use.  Simple Decorative Binder Clip DIY

But Sarah reports that they have held up very well!

It’s incredibly easy to do.  So easy I kind of imagine most of you don’t need an actual tutorial but, you never know, so………

You just need:Personalized Binder Clips Supply LIst

  • Binder Clips (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Paper of your choice
  • Mod Podge (I used regular MP for Sarah’s but the Outdoor version would be even more durable)
  • Foam Brush
  • Craft Knife
  • Styrofoam block or flower foam.

Cut the paper to the size of your clip(s)

  • Large: 3.25 Long x 2 wide
  • Medium: 2 Long x 1.25 wide
  • Small 1.1 Long x .75 wide

Cover the binder clip with a good amount of Mod Podge and apply your paper – smoothing out any bubbles and making sure you’ve got it all the way to the edge of the clipApply the paper

When the paper has dried trim away any excess with the craft knife

Stick the clip into the foam and seal with a coat of Mod Podge.Seal the Binder Clip

LET DRY!  Let dry for a looong time.  Days.  A week would be even better.  In hot, dry LA my Mod Podge cures really quickly but if you’re in a more humid environment you’ll want to give it lots of time.

Here are some of the patterns I created but you could, of course, use any paper that appealed to you.  If you click on the picture you should be able to download the patterns to print.Personalized Binder Clip Pattern LargePersonalized Binder Clip Pattern smallPersonalized Binder Clip Pattern Medium

Happy organizing everyone!  Maybe I should try it?Home Storeis A 2 Zlink-party-palooza-banner

19 thoughts on “Easy Personalized Binder Clips – Get Organized!”

  1. Genius! I’ll be making some to send to my daughter when she’s away at college (always looking for small, fun things to mail to her)!!

  2. Love these… my DIY Lampshade Kits include 6 binder clips, this is a great way for people to re-use them. I’ll be directing customers back to this tutorial!

    1. Hi Taylor – if you’re talking about downloading my graphics any type of plain copy paper will work. It’s the printing process that is key. Images printed on a laser printer will hold up to the Mod Podge process but inkjet printed images will run when they get damp. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. I knew I wanted to make these and I found your wonderful site. Thank you thank you for not only instructing but providing templates and patterns, solving ALL the measurement questions I would have looked into next! You are wonderful!!

  4. Just wanted to add a thought. If you don’t have a laserjet printer that prints without worry of the ink running, you could definitely have fun with sheets of scrapbook paper, I think? So many pattern choices there, too!

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