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How To Make a Space Saving Sliding Utility Wall

Laundry Room Space Saver Cheltenham RoadAs you may have gathered from my last post I want everything to slide out.Pull Out Slide for ShoesChletenham Road Slide Out Shelves for Pantry Makeover

To me slide out drawers instead of lower kitchen cabinets are kind of like wheels on suitcases – why wasn’t that the design from the start!?  Why did I waste my youth schlepping heavy bags around and rummaging through dark, cluttered cabinets (OK, that was a bit dramatic.  My childhood was not spent working below stairs at Downton Abbey.  I did do other things in my youth but you get the picture)

So when I redid my kitchen I got rid of (almost) all of the base cupboards made everything a pull out drawer.Kitchen Drawer Extravaganza

More Kitchen Pullout ManiaI had them build one specifically for pots and pansPull Out Kitchen Drawer for Pots and Pans

And then I built a little, custom, divider for the lower one so I wouldn’t have to stack things.Kitchen Organizer for Pans by Cheltenham Road

However, other people built and installed my kitchen drawers and their accompanying sliders.  I have been somewhat illogically intimidated by the idea of installing them myself.

I guess my fear of doing it wrong or potentially launching myself into some kind of Pandora’s Box of math and leveling nightmares was what put me off.

But, since there was no one else to do it for me I took the leap for my Pantry Makeover and I’m happy to say it’s very easy!  So I thought I’d share how I made my Utility Wall Slide Out.

As you recall I started off with this bare corner.Laundry Room Corner Painted and ready to goThe sliding  panel would need to get past the molding that goes around the door frame so I screwed two scrap wood spacers into the wall 44″ apart.Installed Spacers

Next up I built a frame using the same basic design I’d used for my Craft Show Display Tower   (The link will take you to my previous post with more detailed directions).

I used 1×2 poplar wood posts cut to length – in my case 5′ tall sides and 18″ wide cross pieces.  I spaced the two,  middle two cross pieces so they would  line up with the scrap wood spacers I’d just installed on the wall.Finished Frame for Slide Out PantryOnce again, my trick of using the carpenters square and some clamps gave me easy, hands-free 90 degree corners.Use Clamps to create perfect 90 degree cornersThe drawer slides are very affordable ($15 for two 18″ sliders). Drawer SlidesThere are two pieces to each slide: a backer and the slide itself.  Following the package instructions I installed the backer onto the scrap wood spacers (which I’d painted the same color as the wall).  The only trick is making sure it’s level – other than that it’s just three screws.Install the Slide Outs

I then connected the sliders themselves into the backer and extended them.  I lined up the frame with the extended slides and screwed it into place. Assemble Slide OutInstalled Frame for Slide Out Storage After checking that everything moved smoothly.Make sure it moves smoothly

I screwed the pegboard into place Finished Slide Out Storage WallI added a little handle and BAM!  Slide out utility wall.Laundry Room Space Saver Cheltenham RoadLaundry Room Space Saving Slide Out Panel

I’m hoping these directions don’t make it seem complicated because it wasn’t at all.  I made the frame because I wanted the unit to be quite sturdy but if you were making a smaller version I think you could skip the frame and just screw the pegboard into the drawer slide.

In any case if you have any questions or I’ve been vague don’t hesitate to ask.tutorialsandtipsDiamond in the Stuff

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