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It Has Begun

Well, I think I’ve found my superpower.

All I did was audition for a role on Ben & Kate and it was promptly cancelled.  In the past I had to actually appear on the program (Terminator, Free Agents, Kath & Kim etc) to bring about its demise but now apparently my powers are growing.  I should probably start targeting shows I don’t like…….is Honey Boo-Boo auditioning?

In other potentially disastrous endeavors

As you know my house was a bit…iffy when I bought it.

 The chief offenders were the kitchenkitchen before

 and the main bathroom.Bathroom -- before

Both are now looking pretty good.Kitchen and Bathroom After Remodel

 Next on the list are the laundry room and its neighboring bathroom.  Both rooms have been pretty untouched since I moved in.Laundry Room BeforeOK, untouched except for paint.  Yes, I painted it that color.The other corner

See – the whole house was very dingy looking and I thought yellow would make the room brighter which it did.  It was like a very bright clown car.  A bright, cluttered clown car.

I’ve been kind of fantasizing what it might look like.  Maybe these!Fantasy Laundry Room 1organized-open-pantry-shelvingIt would definitely be organized like this!6051780719694723_Mkb7NBqi_cBut to accomplish those kind of makeovers I would really need to gut it all and try again (Seriously there are, no lie, 5 doors in about 12 feet of space.  Walking from the kitchen through to the front bedroom is like the opening credits of Get Smart).

Tragically, I have not sold enough coasters to pull that off.

So…. Plan B!

I’ll paint it, clean it, organize it and see if I can do some makeover magic on some cheap cabinets.  The goal is to make it look like an extension of the kitchen – a sort of a butler’s pantry for a house where no butler has ever set foot.

It’s gonna take a while…….

It’s all cleared out and the first coat of paint is up.

Have a great weekend everyone.  If you need me I’ll be in the laundry room butler’s pantry

11 thoughts on “It Has Begun”

  1. I love your remodels of the kitchen and bath! I gotta ask – I notice in the kitchen, the counter seems.. longer? The one that butts up to that doorway there. Did you extend somehow? We are just polishing up some kitchen touch ups we’ve done. Nothing MAJOR just paint & overall decorating (works wonders though…….) but we have wood cabinets right that are… nice… but.. I want something else 😀

    Great job! I love it. Also, you’ve been in some shows/movies? I had no idea! I AM a new follower though…

    1. Thanks Jesse. The kitchen was a total redo- so I replaced all the cabinets. It’s the same basic layout but everything is new. What you see on the edge of that “before” shot is actually a floor to ceiling cabinet that I got rid of and replaced with longer base cabinets to create more counter space. (I hope that answers the question but, if not, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification).

      And yes, in my other life, I’m an actor and have ended up on TV a few times….sometimes in shows that don’t get cancelled like House or Brothers and Sisters or the Mentalist.

      Have a great weekend.


      1. that makes perfect sense. I thought that handle I was seeing was the doorway, and I thought, “damn – he did all kinds of remodel to this beezy” Looks really great with the black white & red. I considered black and white, but since we live under some redwoods, light was a factor, and we went retro teals, oranges & yellows. With a crap ton of white to balance all that out.

        Oh wow! I haven’t seen those shows (I no have cable.. only netflix) but I’ll have to look you up!

        Have a good one 😀

    1. I like yellow too and I’m sure I would enjoy your bathroom (that sounds strange). But my pictures don’t do my yellow justice. Trust me.

      And thank you for the writing compliment. I must admit I’ve dabbled but I have NO patience. It was torture. Short form bursts are all I’m good for I’m afraid. Perhaps I have a future in greeting cards…..


  2. You just totally crack me up. My husband and I have a joke (but it’s been true so far) – wherever we dine on New Year’s Eve, the restaurant closes the next year. No lie! Thankfully for all the Richmond restaurants, we ate at home last year. Er … oh my gosh, I hope that works out okay!!! Your kitchen is drop-dead gorgeous, can’t wait to see what you do to your laundry room, mine is sad in dull green (did I mention green is like my most hated color on earth because my mother painted every. room. in our house pale green during my growing up years?


  3. Kudos to you for the undertaking. I can barely manage to keep the lint trap of my dryer cleaned much less think about a redo of the laundry room.
    I’m sure however long it takes it will be amazing.

  4. Can’t wait to see the finished results. And hey — I can help you sell more coasters. Well, one set of six at least. You know…when they’re done…

    And hey, about that writing thing…

    1. I appreciate the thought but we’d probably all end up with black eyes – it’s pretty much a one-person-at-a-time kinda space. But! when I tackle the living room again I expect your RSVP oh-so-helpful-friend!

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