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The Annual Holiday Dessert Party!

Well, I realize it’s a bit late in the season to be sharing this but I promised pictures from my annual Holiday Dessert Party so…..better late than never.

Actually, I was going to pretend I had forgotten.

You see, I had managed to snap a few pre-party pics of the kitchen as it was being set up.Kitchen dressed up for Holiday PartySome bows on the doors (and idea I have totally stolen from my sister Paula who throws her own Holiday extravaganza) set a festive sort of feel I thought.

And I saw this fun idea in a magazine.  They suggested printing out a couple of drink recipes Christmas Party Bar Set Upfor guest to mix their own holiday cocktail.  This made sense to me as, several years ago, I decided that everyone would enjoy chocolate martinis…… and spent my ENTIRE evening making them….over and over again…..

So the kitchen was looking good and I was feeling positive.  And then, as always, I recognized the enormity of work I still had to do and the camera got put away never to emerge again.

Well, sort of.

My good friend Christine, when she heard there were no photos grabbed my camera and did her best mid-party picture snapping.

The problem, of course, is that the lights are dim so all these shots look a bit like we were partying in a vaguely festive cave but I assure you all was sparkly and inviting looking.Cheltenham Road Holiday Dessert PartyIt’s a dessert party (because that’s all I ever want to eat) so we had:

My mom’s famous decorated sugar cookies in numerous iterations.Moms Sugar Cookies

 Santa Face Sugar Cookies

Sugar CookiesFor me, these cookies ARE Christmas.  I remember my mom sitting at the dining room table with hundreds of these spread out before her ready to decorate.

Of course, since this is my party, there were pies!  And lots of them!

Little, individual chocolate peanut butter pies:Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Frost on the pumpkin pie (graham cracker crust, whipped pumpkin mousse, cinnamon spiced whipped cream)Frost on the Pumpkin Pie

Individual Cherry Pies (gone before a picture could be taken – which is a good sign I think)

Caramel Apple Pie PopsCaramel Apple Pie on a Stick


Brownie Shots (dark chocolate brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough topped with Baileys spiced whipped cream)

In addition there were Khalua Balls, Mini Cheese Cakes, Red Velvet Cake Pops, Vanilla Cake Pops, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Coconut Dream Layer Bars and Cinnmon stars and Peppermint Patty Cookies…there were more but I’ve forgotten….Cake PopsOatmeal Raisin

In short – everyone left in a sugar coma and all was right with the world!

……..and now it’s on to planning for next year (and stealing more ideas from my sister).

Captain Frazzled’s Holiday Checklist

It has been an amazing, wonderful and incredibly hectic Holiday Season for me and Cheltenham Road.  I’ve been overwhelmed by good fortune, great friends, terrific customers and shop owners and I’m very sincerely grateful.

On the flip side I, Captain Frazzle, have done everything in my power to make life as complicated, slow and crazy as possible.

I’ve learned many, many valuable lessons for next year!

But I wanted to share  Captain Frazzled’s Checklist for a Stressful HolidayBlog Post pt 1







Not QuiteBlog Post pt 2


Candle Block Display


Unique LA Coaster Display TowersCoaster Towers for Unique LABlog Post pt 3

Vintage Holiday Card Wreath

My apologies.

I’ve been treating my blog like I treat the gym:  a really awesome idea that I never seem to get around to.

Life has been crazy hectic trying to make enough product to stock the stores and the shows that I’m doing and I am… (huge surprise I know)……behind!

 And, in addition there have been a series of unfortunate (not life threatening) events outside my control.  I do have blog post planned about it which I intend to call:amazing

 Stay tuned for another exciting episode.

In the meantime, however, Amy over at Mod Podge Rocks has posted my latest tutorial using vintage Christmas Cards and, of course, Mod Podge to create a cheerful, vintagy wreath.

Make an easy, vintage Christmas Card Wreath

Make an easy, vintage Christmas Card Wreath

I must confess, this is Mod Podge Christmas Project attempt #3.

When I was home my sister Paula and I hatched a terrific idea but it proved to be too expensive to be practical.  So I came up with Plan B and toiled and toiled and managed to create several somethings that looked less like the sophisticated work of a Man-Podger and more like the cast-off of a demented 5 year old.

But I’m pleased with the festive possibilities of this wreath and, if you have moment – head on over to Mod Podge Rocks to check out the full tutorial.

Captain Frazzled signing off!

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