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A Plethora of Rolling Pins and No Pie in Sight

The Great Garage Clean up lead to the “use it or lose it” decision process.

Years ago – when I was first started down my reluctant crafting path – I bought all the wood-handled rolling pins I could find.

What? …. No, I honestly have no idea why.  Please don’t ask questions like that.

I gathered quite a few and experimented with painting the handles in that old red and white style.

It was fun!

And then….I didn’t know what to do with them.  So they sat in a box being secretly decorative.

When I re-discovered them I almost tossed them but then had an idea.

Could I make them into a rack?

And if I could, should I? (a regular debate with me)

Well, there were a lot of them so I thought “why not?”  I had an old board with nice routed edges to use as the backer.

I had one un-finished one with a cool handle so I painted it white and then taped off where I wanted the stripes

A quick top coat with Rust-Oleum  Colonial Red and I was set.

The goal was to have the rolling pin show so I marked where I wanted to cut it (and wrapped it in painters tape for a clean cut)How to Make an apron rack using vintage rolling pins

After clamping it in place I set my miter saw at 45 degrees and cut away.  I repeated the steps for two other pins.

Next, I drilled pilot holes in my backer board

and screwed the rolling pins into place from the back side.



I don’t know, it was fine and it was what I pictured but it  just seemed to lack something.

So I decided to add a little text!

(I know, I’m like the McDonald’s employee of crafters: “would you like text with that”)

I just downloaded a definition of Pie (yay pie!) and futzed with the font and such until I got what I wanted

I used Mod Podge to attach it to the base and then re-attached the rolling pins.

Much better!Wall Hanger made with vintage rolling pins

Why is the clock crooked?

And why have I never noticed that before?

Ah well.

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