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Displaying my Wares – Easy Table Makeover

I’ve been eager to get to work on some new furniture projects but have been a little stuck.  Since I lost my spot at the Rose Bowl I don’t really have an outlet for my furniture.

However, my coasters, trays, signs etc are sold locally in a fantastic store called CoOP 28 run by the terrific Marci.

Recently Marci and I were talking about display and she offered me a prime spot for my trays and suggested I could come up with a little table for them.  Perfect!  I got right to work.

I’d inherited a sofa table quite a while ago…well, I had inherited thelegs the top had decamped at some point (how does that happen?).  In a burst of creativity I’d cut a new top for it mimicking the curve of the apron…..

…….and then stuck it in the back of the garage and forgot about it.

I dragged it out and cleaned it up and gave it a quick top coat with some leftover ceiling paint (I needed flat paint for what I had in mind).

I knew I wanted a graphic on top but I didn’t want anything too busy or distracting.

Blender Pen to the Rescue!

I’ve used a blender pen many times before (check out the link for more detailed instructions) but here is quick recap of blender pen technique using images from another table:

After applying my text I sanded the legs for a light distressing and went over it all with a coat of paste wax

The paste wax adds some depth and a nice shine.

I, once again used my favorite Shakespeare Sonnet and here we gographic transfer tutorial for table

Text on table tutorialAnd I think it will look OK with some trays on it.  It’s not too distracting but it’s not just a boring white table either

Now I’m off to bring to the store.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July!

16 thoughts on “Displaying my Wares – Easy Table Makeover”

  1. Like the table and I’m very impressed with the top you cut for it – looks like it’s always been there. You picked a Brit (good old ‘Shakers’) to add a bit of class to it all, so maybe I’m a tad bias:-)

    I’ve tried the blender pen method to do image transfers and it failed miserably for me, with just a very pale and patchy transfer. I used one whole pen’s worth of blender on a crappy little image too! I’m stuck with carbon copy paper and hours of tracing – pah! – not the best way to do it, but until I find another way…

    1. Thanks much Jackie! Yeah, a little Shakespeare always classes up the joint. Sorry you’ve had trouble with the Blender Pen. I did a fair amount of trial and fail myself. I can only offer these tips if you want to try again. Use flat latex paint – I used eggshell once and the design came right off You have to use a laser printer The faster you can go from the printer to the blending the better Press HARD. Really hard. It-made-my-hand-tired hard Go over the design once and then once more Let it dry overnight Anyway, that’s my unsolicited two cents/pence


      1. Hi David,
        Love the table, Your blender pen creations are always my favorite. I’ll give you $25 for it (Dear readers,see May 16th post to get in on the joke)

  2. David, it is a great table. You balanced the designs of both the table and the trays so that they complement each other and advertise each other. Congratulations.


  3. I’m never quite sure what ‘latex paint’ is; we must call it something different in the UK? My experiment was on chalk paint. The problem is likely to be the printing by the sounds of it. I have an inkjet printer, so had to get the toner prints from a copy shop in town. Maybe the ink just dried too much by the time I got around to trying it out.

    My next experiment will be with some of the Golden Gel Medium. I’ll empty the swear box before I start:-)

  4. David, I’m still here! Kept thinking I’d get to a memorable ending point:) Again, must say: thank you! Feel like I know you. I do think that the one-person business model that social media feeds us is a bunch of propaganda:) How do we work and create blog accounts of our work step by step, etc etc …..Sure, for a while. But it takes its toll. My blog has been on hold this summer while I learn how to do retail display and see if I can be profitable at an antique mall space. Thanks for being so candid and humorous and talented and generous!!! Looking forward to sharing some of your ideas and implementing one or two. I’ve been wanting to do something with a blender pen!!! IF you ever desire to swap digital art for some wood products, remember me:)

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