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Good Life!

Some of my days can only really be described as a little schizophrenic.

This was my day.

Up and to the gym at 5.

A couple of hours of mod-podging coasters and projects and answering some emails.

Shower and dress as “an intellectual archivist” and drive over to Hollywood to audition for The Office.

After the audition it’s back home to

A)     Remove the carcass of the dead rat from the garage

B)      Continue to make coasters and HOME signs

C)      Send out Etsy orders

D)     Memorize my lines for my other audition

Then shower, change clothes to be “an incredibly dull physics professor” and back over to Hollywood to audition for Parks and Recreation.

Then back home, change clothes and out to the garage for candle block drilling.

See?  A little random!

But awesome!

As I was driving back home from audition number 2 my ipod – as it often does – played the perfect song:

Good Life (by OneRepublic):

What there is to complain about

When you’re happy like a fool
Let it take you over
Oh this has gotta be the good life
This has gotta be the good life
This could really be a good life, good life

And it really is a very, very good life! (the rat’s feelings about the day may differ)

This is exactly what I wanted my life to be when I decided to leave the 9-5 world!

But enough about that, I promised an update on my French Label Table.  I’m very pleased with the results this time.

So, as a refresher it started out like this:

and my intention was to add this graphic from the Graphics Fairy collection

using a Blender Pen made by ChartPak  that I found out about via the terrific Villabarnes blog.

My first attempt at the label transfer was spotty at best and failed completely when I tried to seal it with wax and it washed the whole design away.  Ugh.

So, this time I vowed to do better – here are the steps I took:

1)      I repainted the top with a flat white ceiling paint and then gave it a light sanding.

2)      On the computer I reversed the label and upped the saturation so that the black lines were really, really black.

3)      I wanted the label to end up being larger than 8.5×11 (the maximum size I can print) so I broke it up into sections and blew each part up to the size I wanted and printed them out separately on my Laser Printer.  NOTE: This technique only works with laser prints – apparently- ink jet prints will run.

4)      I then laid each piece face down and taped it to the table so it  wouldn’t move.

5)      Then it’s just a matter of rubbing the blender pen over the paper.  I found out that you really need to rub aggressively to make the transfer really work. It may look like the ink is bleeding but that’s OK.

Then just immediately peel it away

6)      A couple of sections didn’t come out as dark as I wanted but it was easy to re-print that section of the label, line it up and do it over again.

I’m pleased with the results but I’m going to wait for it to dry very, very thoroughly before some further distressing and a sealer coat.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

I think this technique has lots of possibilities and the Blender Pen was only about $3.00 so it’s pretty affordable (and kinkos or staples can give you laser jet copies if you don’ t have a laser printer).


So all-in-all a very good day!

Hope everyone else also had a good Tuesday!

26 thoughts on “Good Life!”

  1. Aawww, your table turned out beautifully…kudos to you for sticking with the blender pen. How GREAT to have two auditions in the one day…when we see you on the next episodes of “wherever-you-end-up-being,” we can say “I knew him in the blogosphere!” BREAK A LEG David!

  2. David, what a day! I love living vicariously through you. You make my life seem boring! That table is incredible. I’m going to have to try that. That One Republic song is one of my faves. Have an awesome day.

  3. I think your table is fantastic! I certainly hope one or both of your auditions works out as these are 2 of my favorite programs! But don’t give up your tables and coasters! You do amazing work!

  4. The blender pen is awesome!!!! Wow, who thinks of this stuff??? 🙂 It’s neat how it will get those fine little details onto things! And it gives it that kinda worn off look, too…very pretty!!!

    You do live a splendid life!! And you seem so nice!!! And you are creative and multi-talented!!!! And generous cuz you share here and on Mod Podge Rocks!!! It’s very nice to “know” you!! Good vibes on the auditions!!!!!!

  5. My gosh I never heard of the blender pen and have wondering how I’ll transfer some images on to some boxes I’m painting. I’ve read and the citri solvent, the mod podge technique etc but this sounds promising. I also loved reading about your day. Thank you

  6. Hi David, Nice to have you back. Love,love,love your table top but what the heck is a transfer pen? I like this look better than my stencils.
    You day sounds like mine..except I never seem to leave my garage.LOL

  7. This technique is great…better than using an over head projector. Did you use plain white paper in the laser printer? I need to do this on a sewing machine table.

  8. Very cool! I love how dark the transfer is. When I used Citra Solve, the transfer actually dissolved the paint around the letters and graphic. I might get one of these pens and try it on another table. Thanks for sharing!

    Good luck in your auditions!


  9. I am so excited and laughing at the same time!!! I came across your blog last night looking at your cocktail table you made using a table leg. (very nice) It got me poking around. I saw you had used this technique of putting the graphics on a table and wanted to see how. I have a little table I got that I want to do this to and what do ya know!? It is the SAME table! I laughed! Thanks so much for the tips~ I hope mine comes out half as nice as yours!

  10. Just discovered you last night (I bet you get that alot lol!!) SO I am on the hunt for one of these crazy blender pens. I haven’t found that brand anywhere — do you think any blender pen would do? Clearly yours worked magic (with you amazing help and talent) — appreciate any thoughts!! Off to do some more stalking … er, I mean looking at your blog 🙂

      1. Last time I’ll bug you on this — I used to be an avid stamper back in the day, and we had a recipe for refilling blender pens (1/4 tsp. rubbing alcohol, 2 tsp. glycerin, 4 tsp. distilled water.) Think I might try that too … do you think it would transfer the image or not so much? Thanks so much for your fast response. I have some thrift items that are begging me to upcycle them with some Graphics Fairy art ASAP!!

      2. Hmmm. I’m afraid I have no idea about the chemical make up of the pens so I don’t know if that would work. Do please let me know if it does as it would be nice to have options. And please send a pic of your finished projects – I would love to see them.

  11. “I’m pleased with the results but I’m going to wait for it to dry very, very thoroughly before some further distressing and a sealer coat. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

    How did it turn out and what sealer coating did you use?

  12. “I’m pleased with the results but I’m going to wait for it to dry very, very thoroughly before some further distressing and a sealer coat. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

    How did it turn out? What sealer coating did you use? Tips & hints regarding sealing?
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi, thanks for reminding me about that. It came out quite well! I did give it several days to dry and then sanded it with varying grits of paper. I sealed it with a paste wax because I really like the look that gives although I imagine any sealer would work. The problem the first time around wasn’t the sealer but rather that I’d used a latex paint with a satin finish and I think that prevented the transfer from truly sticking. The flat paint I used the second time around made all the difference.

  13. thanks for this. I have ordered a Chartpak blender today after having hopeless results with Lazertran and Dylon Image Maker. I want to transfer images on to French linen

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