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Free Kitchen Label Download

I think I figured out how to share my kitchen cannister label design that I used on my Ikea glass jars.


I realize they are pretty basic and some of you are probably thinking “Ummmm, dude?  You made a red circle with another red circle inside.  Don’t quit your dayjob” (too late I’m afraid).  But I hope that maybe they will save some of you a little hassle and make it easier to customize your kitchen. 

 Just click on the JPEG (below) to enlarge it and then save that version to your computer. 

 After that the possibilities are many. 

 You can just go ahead and print them as is. 

 You can open them into any drawing program and play around with color and size (they could be cupcake toppers or place cards or anything else you liked).   Or simply insert the JPEG into MS Word and go to town using text boxes to add the wording of your choice.

 If you want to match mine I used a Font called “Honest John’s” which is available for free here .

 For my canisters I painted the top with Krylon’s Fusion spray paint which is made for plastics and works great.  I then printed the circles onto Avery 8.5×11 label sheets, cut them out and slapped ‘em on the canisters.  This, of course, does not make them washable but they are easily replaced if needed.  You could also decoupage them on or, I think, use LaserTran transfer paper which I’ve never tried but it looks way cool.

 If you do use them I would really enjoy seeing the final result!

 And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  It’s always hard to gauge how computer friendly people are and I may have skipped some key step.











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4 thoughts on “Free Kitchen Label Download”

  1. Great labels … love all your jars in your cupboard!!! I hope to use them for my spice jars. Thanks so much for sharing!

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