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Paint sticks and Pottery Barn

First off, welcome  to all the nice folks who found me via Mod Podge Rocks and the amazing Amy!  Thank you very much for checking out my in- it’s- infancy- blog and your kind comments.

And now onto my latest.

I never know what to do with leftover paint sticks.   Even if I turn them around and use both ends (no I wasn’t born during the Depression – I’m just thrifty that way) that still leaves the middle…. 

 Anyway, due to Hoarding Syndrome a desire to be as green as possible they were starting to pile up.  I was about to throw them out when I came across these planters in a Pottery Barn catalogue and my mind started to percolate.


I had this sitting on a shelf –

which I’d taken to referring to as That Thing I Don’t Know What To Do With.  Nor, honestly, do I know why, where or when I acquired it.  I’m like that sometimes.  But, perhaps, this  was it’s calling.

So, using my miter saw I got to work cutting the paint sticks to size and then painting them with leftover paint.

After some sanding and the application of a little antiquing glaze I used Gorilla Glue to attach them to the sides of That Thing I Don’t Know What to Do With.

And it came out looking like this.

I have to be honest.  I’m still not quite sure what it is.  I’m not particularly into flowers but I put little votives with flowers in it because A) they were blooming in my backyard (see aforementioned Depression style thrifty tendencies) and B) it was based on that Pottery Barn planter so I just went with the flow. 

 But I’m thinking it could also work for holding pens and pencils and such in my new work room (I’ll start sharing that project next week).

 Any other ideas?  I’m open to all suggestions.



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15 thoughts on “Paint sticks and Pottery Barn”

  1. I have to tell you, there are thousands of women who would love to have made something so awesome! This rocks! The flowers are awesome, but women everywhere would find so much to use it for in their craft rooms! Now we will all be looking for strange planter things, and stalking their local home improvement store for paint sticks!

  2. I found you through MPR and I am signing up for e-mail updates. Thanks for the inspiration- I love your projects!

  3. The ‘thing” looks like a small parts organizer – it probably once had a dowel handle on it for ease of transport. Love your transformation. Looks great!

  4. I would hang it on the wall, and put herbs in it, or vases with flowers. Much more fun to have them hanging around instead of standing on a table..

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