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Make a Mod Podge transfer centerpiece for a family gathering

Centerpiece Tutorial Family ReunionIn a momentary step away from mad prep for Unique LA, I have my latest Mod Podge Rocks Tutorial up for your viewing pleasure.

I’m on a Mod Podge Transfer Medium kick…..although I doubt I’m using it in the way the Mod Podge folks intended.

I had  a large chunk of 4×6 lumber that I inherited somewhere along the line and I thought it would be cool to make it into a centerpiece for a family gathering.DIY Wedding Centerpiece

It was very, very easy and, if ever there is a big Cheaney Family reunion at my house I am totally prepared!

Of course, the minute I finished it I thought of a lot of other variations on the idea (using tapers rather than tea lights, making it with flower pots or smaller blocks etc etc) so you may be seeing more of these as time goes byEaster Family Centerpiece Idea Cheltenham Road

What do you think?  Maybe for weddings?  anniversaries? Easter Family Centerpiece Idea Cheltenham Road

OK back to prep.  Posts to follow!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!


Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed Tray Tutorial by Cheltenham Road for Mod Podge RocksJust a quickie post to say that my latest tutorial is up over at Mod Podge Rocks.

In my continued quest to clean up and weed out stuff from my workroom and the garage I’m trying not to buy new things unless I know A) exactly what to do with them and B) that I will do it promptly.

But, when I saw this breakfast tray marked at just $2.0o in the thrift store (admittedly a place I probably shouldn’t be going if my goal is to not buy new things) I knew it met both criteria:Thrift Store Breakfast Tray Tutorial Cheltenham RoadA) I really wanted to try out the new(ish) Mod Podge Transfer Medium and I had a “vision!”
B) I needed a new Mod Podge Rocks project


C) I wanted breakfast in bed

It all came together nicely and the transfer medium was easy to work with.Mod Podge Tray Tutorial by Cheltenham Road

So join me for breakfast won’t you (although by the time I took the picture it wasn’t breakfast time anymore and the coffee was cold……but I totally scarfed the croissant…….and the four others that came in the package  because, as you know, I’m all about moderation.)

End Table – The Next Generation

Hello again!

Thanks for all the comments on my new saw.  She needs a name though.  Maxie?  Athena (she’s kind of god-like).  Thoughts?

I’m so looking forward to not cutting my fingers off!!!!

Anyway, remember this little table makeover?  That went from this:Deco End Table Makeover BeforeTo this:Deco End Table by Cheltenham RoadWell,  as is often the case with me, after I finished it and declared myself happy I immediately thought of something else I could do with it.

I’d come across a bunch of little decorative frames in the dollar bins at Michaels so with a bit of Mod Podge, paper and paint I blinged it up a bit.Mod Podge End Table Makeover Tutorial

The latest step in its evolution is also my latest tutorial over at Mod Podge Rocks. 

It is, as you can imagine, super simple.  If i you’re interested in the details, head on over to Amy blog (or just click on the picture below).Cheltenham Road and Mod Podge Rocks End Table Makeover

Happy (almost) Presidents Day Weekend!

Thanksgiving Sign Tutorial and The Holidays are Upon Us!

As promised, Amy at Mod Podge Rocks has posted the tutorial for my Shakespeare Quote Thanksgiving Sign.  Thanksgiving Sign TutorialYou can find it here along with free downloads of the graphics I created for it (both with and without  the text, in case you wanted to “do your own thing”).

In the meanwhile I’ve been trying to both get ready and keep up with Holiday demand (probably should have had the “get ready” part done a while ago….ah well)

I’ve got more new designs to finish up, make and photograph.

 And I’ve been working on getting some new photos of the Christmassy items.Vintage Holiday Votive Holder Set Cheltenham RoadMy mom always did the best Christmas decorating in our house (a tradition my sister Paula continues) so the prep for decorating  and great Christmas memories are completely intertwined for me.  Just a glimpse of a vintage Christmas ornament box sparks that Christmassy feeling.Vintage Christmas Tea light holder set

So when I was trying to come up with Christmas items for Cheltenham Road, it just made sense to focus  on that vintage box art for inspiration.Vintage Holiday Coaster Set Cheltenham Road

I guess that makes me the ultimate “he’ll play more with the box then its contents” kinda kid.  (it’s true!  I did that a lot)

Holiday Cheer Vintage  Christmas Coasters by Cheltenaham RoadHollywood Santa Claus Lane Retro Coaster SetWhile I can’t believe I already have to think about the holidays I’m also so happy to be thinking about the holidays!!

Hang in there everyone!  It is upon us!


That’s A Lot of Mod Podge

That’s A Lot of Mod Podge

I never call…..I never write……

I’m not a particularly chatty person.  I suck at parties actually because my small-talk skills are, um…..lacking.    I seem to have the same problem with blogging.  Although I talk to all of you pretty much all the time in my head (yay!  I’m back to having “imaginary” friends!!!  I told you they were real mom!)  unless I have something specific to report or share I get a bit blog-tied.

I’ve been toiling away on some new Christmassy and other sundry projects that I’ll share in the coming weeks.  And a lot of those projects will include Mod Podge because………

The other day I was emailing with Amy (Grand Poobah of Mod Podge Rocks) about some project ideas I wanted to do for her site.  Amy is great – always encouraging and positive and up for new ideas.  In the course of the conversation I volunteered that I was going to try to incorporate some of the newer  Mod Podge products into my tutorials.  (They’ve introduced a bunch of new stuff but I’ve been kind of sticking with my “mod podge stuff to wood”  style.)  I figured I’d just head to Michaels and pick up a couple of things.

A few days later this arrived.Its a Mod Podge Bonanza

It’s a Mod Podge bonanza!  Seriously – it’s like everything they make.

Every kind of Mod PodgeEvery kind of Mod Podge ProductApplicatorsMod Podge Applicators(That package on the bottom right is called a “Spouncer Set”…I seriously  have no idea what that is.)

Scrap book paperMod Podge Scrapbook Paper

Things to make, I think, charms out of?Mod Podge Products(if I start making charms AND flower holders I really won’t know who I am anymore)

Things that you melt!

It’s like the Creepy Crawlies of my childhood only I don’t think these will scare my sisters. (or given how some of my projects turn out maybe they will!)Mod Podge Melts

I actually couldn’t wait to explore some of it and immediately used some of them (not the Spouncers) for this Thanksgiving sign.  Festive Sign for ThanksgivingAmy will post the full tutorial shortly.

Meanwhile I’ll be over here talking to you all in my head.



Flowers! And Candles! And Mod Podge Rocks!

I’m waaaay into flowers. Yup. Flowers and candles. That’s me. Flower and candle guy. If you need me I’ll be over here…lighting flowers on fire arranging flowers and lighting candles.DIY Mother's Day CenterpieceShabby Chic French Flower Box TutorialSimple Block Bud Vase Cheltenham RoadBathing Beauties Candle Block SetOr not.

The odd thing is that, although I keep designing things for flowers and candles I myself do not really partake.

I mean, I’m not against flowers. They are lovely and I appreciate that but it would never occur to me to buy some to put in a room. Likewise although I have a fair number of candles I don’t think I purchased any of them and they’re all in pretty good shape because I don’t light them either.

I do use coasters! (just in case you’re starting to think I’m a total fake.)

Which brings me to my latest Mod Podge Rocks contribution.

The challenge was to troll the aisles at Home Depot and come up with a project using items found there. I came across these various sized drains. Drains for decorative Mod Podge ProjectSo I put them together and made:

A Cigar Humidor!

Ok, no, it’s a flower holder.Easy unique Flower Vase made with PVC Drains

Well, it didn’t start out as a flower holder. It started out as a cool lamp type thing (manly! ……in a decorative paper using sort of way) but I couldn’t take a picture of it.Tiered Table Light - Mod Podge Rocks Project

I tried!  But it just kept looking like I needed to turn the lights on.

(See, you put an electric tea-light under it and it casts all these cool shadows through the grates of the drain!)


Actually, I do think it’s kind of a fun, versatile project.  You could rig it with a light and a cord and make a cool nightlight that would also look decorative just sitting on a table.  It could hold pens or paint brushes etc etc.

Or you could go all Royal Family on it, add a string and wear it as one of those teeny tiny hats they seem to favor.

Your call.

If you’re intrigued head on over to Mod Podge Rocks and check out the full tutorial.


Easy Dimensional Map Wall Art Tutorial

Vintage Map Wall Art TutorialI had an interesting discussion with a friend the other day about the danger of reading too many Home Blogs like mine.

She confessed that, after a while, she started to feel inadequate.  The authors of the blogs appear to have spotless homes and churn out a seemingly endless number of projects without ever breaking a sweat.

I totally get what she’s saying.  And although I think I’m pretty upfront about  my more bozo-ish moments  I too tend to present the “magazine/fairy tale” version of my life sometimes.

However, at the risk of upsetting her further, I must confess, I did just whip up this project this morning (you know, after the bluebirds finished dressing me but before the dwarfs left for work).  It was so dang easy! Read the rest of this entry



I’m back from Ohio and my dad’s 91st Birthday celebration.  I had a great time and  I was given more embarrassing pictures from my childhood!

And now it’s back to work. Read the rest of this entry

Ipad Mini Giveaway via Mod Podge Rocks!

Ipad Mini Giveaway via Mod Podge Rocks!

The amazing and generous Amy of Mod Podge Rocks is giving away an ipad mini! If you haven’t been there already head on over and check it out! Read the rest of this entry

Make Decorative Street Numbers Tutorial with Mod Podge

Make Decorative Street Numbers Tutorial with Mod Podge

I honestly can’t tell you what I’ve been doing of late.

I don’t mean I can’t tell you like “it’s a secret and I’d have to kill you” I mean I’m not quite sure what I’ve been doing.

I know I’ve been doing my usual coaster-making, candle –drilling HOME sign designing but the time has just slipped away and I feel a bit like I fell in a hole.

For instance I failed to realize that the always awesome Amy over at Mod Podge Rocks had posted my latest tutorial. for making some decorative house numbers. Read the rest of this entry


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